Year end 2013


On the 6 December, all The Wynn-with employees joined the Valtrac employees for an afternoon of sport and fun. This was followed by a delicious sheep spit and party in the store. Long service awards were presented to six employees who have been part of the Wynn-with family for more than 20 years!


Long service awards
Long service awardsWynn Dedwith (owner), Simon, Paulina Kheswa, Mary Marithi, Magdalena Sobi, Reece Dedwith (manager), Tacye Dedwith (owner). Vryman Kheswa and Elias Kheswa were absent when the photo was taken.

Friends at the party
Long service awards







De Heus Award Winners: Wynn-with milk farm

The De Heus herd competition was held in the North West and Free State provinces for the first time this year in 2013. This follows a range of competitions in the Kwa-Zulu Natal province among Holstein and Jersey Farmers.

The purpose of this competition is to judge the cow in her working environment (The Dairy Mail, December 2013)


Wynn-with De Heus  

Holstein Winners 2013. Jannie Nel (Jersey SA), Herman Duvenhage (Holstein SA) Loutjie Rootman; Reece Dedwith (Wynn-with Milk Farm); Best Holstein Udder Winner (Wynn-with 3710); Group Winner: 2-3 Year Holstein ( Wynn-with 3710);De Heus On Farm Over All Herd Winner; Koert Grobler; Erik du Toit and Pieter du Toit (De Heus KLD).





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