High Protein Drinking Yoghurt

High Protein Drinking Yoghurt 

The High Protein Drinking Yoghurt is a new market entry for those who are focussed on a healthy lifestyle, with focus on a higher protein diet. However, you can enjoy this whether you like to work out or not, the delicious flavours will have you spellbound.



·        ChocBerry

·        Banoffee

·        Strawberry



·        Keep refrigerated

·        Shake well, Serve cold

·        Once opened, use within 3 days

·        45 Day Shelf life



·        High in Protein

·        Low fat, with a creamy texture

·        Pending SANHA Halaal approval

·        Yoghurt snack on the go

·        Ideal snack before or after a session in the gym


·        Can be enjoyed as part of your breakfast (Add to cereal or muesli)

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